Mystery Brick

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Mystery Brick


Only 9 Bricks will be sold. I have dug into my personal collection of over 15 years to bring out 9 bricks of the most rare, influential, hype and creative playing cards and brands.

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In each brick will be a random assortment of decks, from brands like:







Cherry Casino

STUDS (Long Flap)

STUDS (3 “X” Back)

Blue Seal Arrcos

David Blaine

and MORE

EVERY brick will have a brand new sealed Blue Seal Deck GUARANTEED!

I have been lucky enough to have an incredibly diverse collection. So much so that I don’t use 90% of my cards. I want to pass them on to you all! Some of these decks have been opened but are in new condition. Some of these decks are worth HUNDREDS of dollars. Some of these decks mean the world to me. There is not enough days in a lifetime to use all of my decks, so I want you to use them and create.