Technique Cardistry Bundle

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Technique Cardistry Bundle

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In this bundle you will learn 6 brand new flourishes designed to give you a wide variety of different Cardistry moves. Everything from two handed cuts to card shots! You will learn:

Fuel: A card shot allowing you to fire cards off rapidly and at distances of 40-50 feet!

Va Va Voom: A two handed, three packet cut that feels like a dance in your hands.

Sea Sick: Just like riding the waves, Sea Sick is inspired by the ocean and its movements.

Horseshoe Fan: A one handed fan that lays out right before your eyes.

Snake Bite: A four packet cut that happens in 1 second! Don't blink or you will miss it!

Anchor: Inspired by Zach Mueller's "Hook" flourish, Anchor is a unique three packet cut that flows till the close.


Note* You will receive and email with a download link to access the tutorial bundle after you place your order. 

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