Technique Cardistry Bundle 2

holding ace final.jpg
holding ace final.jpg

Technique Cardistry Bundle 2

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In this bundle you will learn 5 flourishes designed to give you a wide variety of different Cardistry moves to compliment any Cardistry style.

F5: A two handed cut that spins and rotates like an F5 level storm, until it closes swiftly into the deck. 

Kronkite: A one handed, one card flourish that whips a card off the top of the deck and flips in onto the bottom in .4 seconds! Your new go to fidget move.

Lemon Twist: A three packet cut that is simple and direct. Opening and closing with a full 360 spin of the final packet.

Free Fall: Imagine free falling, spinning and turning as you fall to the ground...SPLAT. Should of had a parachute.

Frozen Cascade: We have all seen the gag deck with a string connecting all of the cards. Imagine freezing the motion of cards for real with any deck…and then removing your hand from it all!

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