Signature Edition

Technique Playing Cards

Technique playing cards are a tool that will help you create and expand your skills in the amazing art of Cardistry.

Featuring Sean O.

Signature Ed. Technique Playing Cards
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Here to Help.

Technique is the FIRST and ONLY deck of cards designed specifically to help you create Cardistry instantly.

“Technique playing cards help push your creative side and force you into new spaces, accelerating your learning and understanding of cardistry tenfold!”

— Sean O.
“I’ve never been able to create a single flourish in my life... but with these cards I think I finally have a chance.”

— Blake Vogt
“It’s a rainbow towards imagination. It can change the way we think.”
— Shivraj Morzaria
“Create flourishes in seconds! Expand your mind with forced grips that boost your arsenal”
— CJ Ocampo
“Technique is going to change how we learn and develop new cardistry moves.”
— Edgar "World Champ"
“Chris is onto something. Love this.”
— Zach Mueller
“What I think is so great about Technique is how simple and easy it is to create new moves by exploring unknown possibilities. The design seamlessly adapts to the fundamentals of cardistry while simultaneously offering infinite new directions for cardists to explore. It’s like (Technique) has unlocked a Pandora’s box of new moves and I can’t wait to see what comes from it.”

— David Buck
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This is the third deck from the Technique line of cards. We wanted to branch out into the community and support those who are spreading Cardistry into the main stream and representing our craft with love and passion. That is why we started the Signature series with our first collaberation with Sean Oulashin! Technique playing cards are a tool that will help you create and expand your skills in the amazing art of Cardistry. It is the FIRST and ONLY deck of cards in the Cardistry world designed specifically to help you create Cardistry moves and flourishes by using the back design. 

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The deck consists of 5 back designs with a rotating border of color. Each color is parallel to its mate. The location of these colors are based on the most common edge grips used in Cardistry. Since each back is a one way, if you rotate it 180 degrees, you get another back design! 10 in total!

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The basic use of Technique is to pick one (or more) of the five colors on the back and that is your contact point. Each time you break off a new packet, you reveal a new back design and also a new location for your chosen color! This forces you to contact only that color and ends up putting you into random, new positions and creating new movements every time you break off a new packet!

We worked with Sean for 5 months on how he would design his own deck of Technique playing cards. We have incorporated aspects of his life into this latest deck such as his favorite colors, the symbolism of the chef knives and blood drops, along with other design changes to help accent flourishes when doing Cardistry; such as extending the middle contact points.


Since this deck is design for Cardistry, there are no Jokers but instead tools and info to help you in your Cardistry journey such as a Gray/White/Black Card to help you white balance your Cardistry photos and videos. Along with this is a list card to jot down new Cardistry ideas and what you need to work on!

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By limiting how you flourish with Technique, you will actually improve. Play with limiting the colors you use, the number of fingers that touch the cards or start in the most impossible grips and see where Technique will take you!


Challenge Your Technique.

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Sean is an American Cardist specializing in creative camera and editing techniques. He began creating for Instagram in October of 2014, and has not stopped since. Coming from a background in film, Sean employs a cinematic approach to portraying Cardisty, giving his content a distinct style and a recognizable look. His mantra of constant progression and learning has kept his content fresh, constantly pushing the boundaries of what people have done before. His viral Cardistry videos have been viewed millions of times by people all over the world and been featured on platforms such as People Are Awesome and climbed the front page of

Technique will be printed by the United states Playing Cards Company on Crushed stock and will also be Traditionaly Cut!


I can't wait to see what you come up with while using Technique! Just remember that there are 


ways to order a deck of cards. Times that by 10 back designs and 10 fingers. Thats a lot of possibilities.

Time to start shuffling!



Signature Ed. Technique Playing Cards
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